The Spirit of the Rules

The rules written here are meant to facilitate the smooth progression of the competition and help players and administrators resolve conflicts. The most important principle is that teams and players attempt, to the best of their abilities, to play and finish their matches regardless of what happens.
An infraction of the rules (breaking them) may cause a team to forfeit a game – take an automatic loss. Severe infractions of these rules may lead to a disqualification from the competition.

Registration and participation

Teams can be consist of 5 members (compulsory) and 2 substitute (optional ) , 1 Manager (Optional)
This tournament is open to Malaysians only.
Only 16 years old and above can join this competition.
Each team must commit to the time that has been set beforehand by the organizers.
Team names/ player names that are found to be offensive/vulgar will not be tolerated by the organizers and a request of name change is allowed during and before the competition, teams that are found not following this will be disqualified immediately.
Teams need to register at to enter this competition.
A representative (manager/captain/player) must be in the Discord to keep themselves updated to any new information. Should the representative is unable to commit, teams should notify the admin about a change of representative OR the representative will be responsible in delegating their duties to their teammates.


Game used: DOTA 2 (Steam version)
Competition method: 5 versus 5 (Team play, 5 players per team)
Game mode: Captains Mode (CM)
Sides: (Radiant / Dire; Ban first) Top bracket will choose for the first round and rotate for the second round.
Victory condition: The first team to destroy the opposing team’s ancient (main building), either team passes a vote to surrender, or all players on a team intentionally disconnect.


The tournament official or referees must be informed if any substitutions are to be done.
Substitutions can only be done before or after a match is done and not during.
The substitute player must be registered with the team prior to the tournament starting.
The substitute player for the team must not be playing for any other team in the tournament.


The sharing of basic regeneration items, consumables, and gems are allowed. Items shared may not be kept or used for any other purpose (ie reselling).
It is not allowed to purposefully suicide to drop item for another player.
It is not allowed to block his own creeps with the help of spells. It is only allowed to use hero model to intercept creeps.
Backdooring is allowed.
Any cheats, hacks or exploits are illegal and not allowed in play.


If any player disconnects during a match, the game will be paused until the player has reconnected. Pausing is not used for any other reason.


In the case of a server crash, the game can be continued from the latest save. The person who hosted the lobby for the match will have the option (game setup option) to load from a save file when they host again. The save file is generated every minute in the background.
In the unlikely event that the reload does not work, the game will be replayed with the same exact hero picks and lane movements until the first creep wave of the Radiant and Dire side meets.


Competitors will conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, maintaining a friendly and polite demeanor to spectators, competitors, members of the press, tournament staff, and to other participants of the event.
Competitors will refrain from the use of vulgar language during the entire competition. All rules of conduct also apply to chatting through the game console.
Competitors are expected to compete in a professional manner. Throwing a match, halting play without cause, or showing a flagrant lack of effort will be construed as a violation of player conduct, and will result in match forfeit and disqualification from the tournament.
The board of referees has the right to disqualify and dismiss any registered player from the tournament, at their discretion, at any stage of the tournament, for any reason, with no prior warning to the player.
Competitors must be available for post-tournament awards ceremonies, photographs, interviews, or other tournament events.

Use of most recent patch/version release of each official game within tournament committee’s own discretion.
In-game settings and required factors necessitated by use of most recent patch version/release.
Game settings and/or operations guidelines dictated by differences between online and LAN tournaments.
The tournament organizer reserves the right to modify or change the contents of this document without any prior warning.

Tournament information

32 teams ​will be playing in Malaysia Esports Championship Dota 2
All matches will be played online.
32 teams will divided into a single elimination bracket
Teams will play Best Of 3 Match
Winner of each group will go the next stage